Dr. Jacek Polubiec

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Jacek Polubiec was born and raised in Powisle, a small picturesque neighborhood near downtown Warsaw, Poland. Working on archeological excavations in his youth invigorated his interest in higher education after years under very traditional, teacher-centered school system. Self-driven and taught, he applied and was accepted to the Institute of Archeology, one of the most elite departments of Warsaw University, where he completed three semesters of studies. Upon coming to the United States, Jacek started a family and pursued his passion for music. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from City College and M.A. in Jazz Performance from Queens College. He held many roles in the music world: jazz guitarist, band leader, composer and teacher. His satisfaction from seeing adults and children learn inspired him to work with the New York City Board of Education. There he has worked as a music teacher, a Project ARTS Coordinator, and after graduating from the Principals Institute at Bank Street College, held Principal and Assistant Principal positions across the New York City on elementary and middle-school level. Driven by the desire to grow as a leader, Jacek pursued doctoral studies at Fordham University and 2016 earned Doctorate in Educational Leadership. Jacek feels very strongly about bringing progressive thinking and innovative approaches to teaching and educational leadership. He is passionate about emotional intelligence, teacher and student leadership and educational innovation. When he is not working or studying, he enjoys boating and outdoor activities.