Mrs. Cheryl Irish

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Born of American missionaries and raised in Zimbabwe (a former British colony), I grew up in a multilingual and multicultural society: East Indians, indigenous Africans, and European immigrants.

I attended an English-speaking school with a British curriculum, received my B.A., and M.Ed in the U.S.A. married an English banker and raised my children in Zimbabwe. Consequently, I am fascinated by the similarities and differences between cultures and made many personal adjustments while transiting between educational systems and cultures. I love Zimbabwe, and consider myself a White African.

I am committed to helping people realize their whole potential, fully develop their gifts and talents, and achieve their God-given purpose and destiny in life.

To that end, I am currently, a graduate student, entering the dissertation stage of my PhD. in Educational Leadership. My dissertation research is for a Qualitative, Case Study in creating a cloud-based Virtual and Augmented Reality educational library for K3 - 12, college and university: vocational and professional training programs.