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    Behavior - Discipline - Teach Many teachers and schools struggle with student behaviors and discipline problems. This is not something new and ...

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    World War I

    Today in US History, The lectures were very interesting and enlightening. The Black Hand was discussed. Another topic were the posters which illustrated ...

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    When Change is ...

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    Change is inevitable. It is among very few true constants in the universe. Even something that seems like it would be impervious to its environment or ...

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  • Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

    Using Digital Tools for 21st Century Learning Presenters of this webinar offer an integrated approach to the application of digital tools—including mobile devices—in 21st-century learning.  In this webinar, participants will: Understand ...

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NEW! The Power of Formative Assessment
Since the early 2000s standardized testing has been on the rise, which may have eclipsed the use of formative assessment since schools were held accountable for student performance on high stakes, standardized tests. This course highlights the possibility for teaching and learning that formative assessment affords beginning with a working definition of this elusive concept. Sign Up Now

Supporting Grieving Students

Classroom educators can play a vital role in providing important support to students to help them better understand what trauma. Yet the vast majority of teachers report that they never received any training in how to support a grieving student -- and this is the primary reason they don’t reach out and support grieving students in their class. The goal of this training is so that no child has to grieve alone. Sign Up Now

Classroom Management Basics

“How will I manage my classroom?” If you are a new or new-ish teacher asking yourself this question, then this course is for you. Establish your own philosophy of classroom management. Classroom management is more than just discipline. Sign Up Now

Social-Emotional Learning
Through this course, learn to bring greater self-awareness to your interactions with students, and practice intentional responses to situations that occur throughout the school day. Self-monitor and increase the amount of purposeful activity that takes place in your classroom. Sign Up Now

Principles of Culturally Relevant Teaching
This introductory course introduces the definitions and principles of CRT, the essentials for being able to enact CRT, and opportunities to examine resources that support facilitating CRT in the classroom. This course is designed to provide you with an initial understanding of CRT to begin building your knowledge and skills towards supporting teaching and learning. Sign Up Now