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Cyber Learning for PK and K


Lesson Plan for PreK and K

Teaching Caesar’s Cipher through grouping students and centers or table jobs

  • The inner circle is the groups assigned. The outer circle is the centers or jobs
  • Groups could be 4 student names. Jobs could be Home, Blocks, Writing, and Sensory.
  • Make 25 jobs for kids and kids names on inner circle, then shift each week


Teaching Base 2, 8, 10, and 16

  • Using opportunities, such as snack, centers, and place value to represent various bases
  • Snack could be, equal sharing in base 8 for grapes or 16 for crackers.
  • Place value could be with blocks, misc items during 100 days of school


Teaching Chroma Encryption through coloring sheets and various media

  • Color by #, letter, patterns, sight words, shapes, etc. using chalk, markers, paint, crayons, etc.
  • Could use shrink Dinks, shredded crayon/iron on wax paper, etc.



  • Coding using Legos or linking cubes to represent letters
    • Using a paper of the letter with the color-coded Lego pattern to represent it
    • The students recreate the pattern for each letter they need to make a word
    • Or recreate teacher-made words