Intelligent Volunteering - Beware the Task Monster Fear

Let us travel back to the Kingdom of Junior Volunteers (KJV): here we find Volunta, a dutiful non-compensation worker.  She has been implementing everything that she has been instructed to do, by this blog: Volunta created a career goal, found a volunteer position that helped her bridge her current  yet needed skills, has tracked her soft and hard skills, and has learned the social currency of her volunteer environment.  Indeed, Volunta has become quite a merchant with her currency.  Now Volunta realizes that there is a feared element in her environment: the opportunity that overwhelms, that eats up all of a volunteer's free time.  Volunta has been advised to keep a low profile and steer clear of accepting the "Task Monster".  

But...because Volunta refuses to live by fear, she diligently inquires what the Task Monster entails, and discovers that taking on a certain type of work for a brief time- even if it may be much, much, work-  will allow her to interact with areas beyond her immediate circle.  Volunta also discovers that the Task Monster will add to her skill set, her industry knowledge, potentially expose her to presentation, or research opportunities, and expand her network with key stakeholders that have the power to raise her from volunteering peon to volunteering royalty.  Volunta's inquiry also reveals that only sub-par workers are actually scared of the Task Monster.  To take or hide from the TM- the choice is clear.  Still, Volunta seeks counsel from Sir Wise, her sagely mentor.  (Volunta made sure to find herself a mentor where she volunteers: someone whom she periodically requests feedback from regarding areas for improvement, to assess her professional growth, and who provides encouragement).  Sir Wise tells Volunta that though it may seem like too much, yet taking the Task Monster is only for a time, and the investment of taking on extra duties will yield bountiful rewards.

Being the daughter of an Irish linen farmer, Volunta understands that reality and importance of a limited sowing season,  and the repercussions at harvest-time:  Volunta remembers the poor farmers that failed to sow properly and now must wear torn linen as opposed to the fine dyed fabrics.  So, Volunta re-prioritizes her schedule and begins to tackle the Task Monster...Friend...?

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03-29-2017 12:34

Working without pay is a useful strategy if done strategically.  Do not underestimate the power of volunteering.