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From Missouri to Texas

Hi everyone, I am an undergrad student who is currently substitute teaching in St. Louis, MO. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree I plan to move Texas where I will start working full time and start working on my Master’s degree. Does anyone know about the school districts in Houston? Or if I will need to take any additional exams. Thank you!
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05-22-2020 00:03

Hello Jennifer,

I live in Houston and teach in the Cypress-Fairbanks School District. CFISD has one of the highest pay rates in the state. First year teachers start out at $55,500 with a pay increase every year. With the relatively low cost of living in Houston, this is very good pay for a first year teaching position. I left teaching at the community college because the pay is substantially higher. While CFISD is the third largest ISD in the state and is in the suburbs of Houston, Houston ISD is the largest ISD in the state, and starts at about $54,400, but that is for 0-3 years. Other districts in and around the Houston area (all of which pay less) are: Katy ISD, Spring Branch ISD, Fort Bend ISD and Spring ISD. 
If there is anything more specific you would like to know, I will try my best to answer.