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after a teacher'meeting: a reflection

districts to have each school adopt a...treating the whole system. It extents to wholes...of education, but expect academics to...forget to praise invention and hardwork

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Joining organizations as a student -- From KDP to professional.

Today, I am preparing to enter a room filled...I have a bit of advice, especially for...least tack it on to my resume.' What the...beneficial to me throughout my education and on

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Survey Says - Please take a minute to complete a quick survey to help us meet your needs

survey” to let me know what is on your mind...I would love to know if you as a professional member. We value you...and want to make sure your needs are being

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A Tale of a Bad Teaching Day

told them to give me a hug today and say...It was a terrible, horrible, no good...rules were concerned. It wasn't a full remember that everyone has good days

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Learning Has a Style

in 2002 at the age of 18, I worked as a...Teacher’s Assistant at a school in a poor...neighborhood in London. The school was a secondary...had a small department, an Inclusion

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Becoming A Teacher

Becoming a teacher is the best thing...ever, why? Simple, being a teacher, you...will impact a child's life it maybe only...bring me to my knees with emotions because I...impactes a child's life, I went out of my way

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