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Effectively Integrating Technology—Making it Invisible

development for teachers on integrating technology...concept of integrating technology. He said...: The technology should be integration. We don’t want the tool to

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Educational Paradigm Shift for Technology 2028

TECHNOLOGY – Smart notebook


refers to Science, Technology

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Graphic for 21st Century skills found by Nick Chater, worth a look



International Society for Technology in Education

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More quality

I think having technology is for...information. I do not think technology will ever...Technology out of your College Classroom will...topics will be achieved through technology

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Educational Technology Standards. They are

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Take the tech Horror out of Reading

Happy October! I wanted to share 2 of my favorite free digital library/ebook resources for educators. They both offer thousands of great books for students of all levels. Students really like both platforms and it's a wonderful way to digitally support reading. >>>>>Epic! for...

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Other resources for webinars on APPS for the classroom

writing, memory, and some technology, such as