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Educational Foundation

The Educational Foundation is a 501(c

Educational Foundation Board of Directors

The Educational Foundation Board of...Educational Foundation. It consists of at least 7

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Digging Deeper

community. Thank you to the Simon Youth...Foundation for making this possible! As an

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Chapter Challenge


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Learning Has a Style

remember one student, we will call him Simon...years old Simon was already fed up with life...could tell Simon just wanted the ground to...” he complained. Simon just didn’t

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Happy World Teachers' Day!

also our two youth representatives. is the foundation to improving


The KDP Educational Foundation

Classroom Teacher Grant

Offered by the Educational Foundation

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Educational Leadership

a foundation of strong core values and

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Graduate Scholarships from UGA and Georgia State

). Goizueta Foundation Graduate Scholars Fund...Assistantships The Goizueta Foundation, a in memory of Roberto Goizueta (former...The Goizueta Foundation funds a Center for

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