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International Scholarship cycle isconducted each...spring with scholarships available to

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Graduate Scholarships from UGA and Georgia State

scholarship funds for students working toward a...Scholarships from UGA and Georgia State. I will...scholarship opportunities . Happy Studies...!!!! Graduate Scholarships from UGA George Hugh

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Gearing Up For A New Year

like students, have a hope for a new...communicate benefits and scholarship for our webinar last night on the

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An Educative Education System

individual failures into system-wide gains. For...For the moment, forget about the...achievement for their classes; bad teachers are...proxy for high-quality instruction is

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Intelligent Volunteering for 2017

advice for this post, as you seek to gain the...reverse for you. As long as the currency is...excuse for getting out of your comfort zone

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Getting ready for NEASC

I need advice from the leaders out there that have experience co-chairing a NEASC self-study. This is my first major leadership role, and I am getting ready to make an action plan. What are some of the biggest problems that you encountered during preparation of your self-study? What are some...

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Preparing for new tests

teacher in Idaho, focused on geography for 6th...for eight years, since I joined while an...separate days for preparing for the Smarter...our SBAC preparedness committee for my

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One cent tax for a $5000 raise for teachers

If you are for it, collect those...sales tax for education reflects a...for public schools, higher education and...about $600 million a year in funding for...Announcement of a Petition Drive for a 1-cent Sales

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Other resources for webinars on APPS for the classroom

in the webinars for the classroom, not...for the management side, but for the...for this one. Did your school/ organization have ideas for the

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scholarships, and programs that advance the goals