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Intelligent Volunteering for 2017

Hello, vertical climbers. My golden advice for this post, as you seek to gain the experiences and professional connections that will impel you forward is this: Understand the 'currency' of the place that you are volunteering in: sometimes this is called "social currency". In other words, what...

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International Day of Peace: Encouraging Peace in your Classroom

Since 1981, the United Nations have observed International Day of Peace by calling for nations to drop their weapons and observe peace for one day. This year the theme of the day is “Right of Peoples to Peace.” Today, as in years past, they will ring the bell of peace at the UN headquarters,...

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Intelligent Volunteering - Beware the Task Monster Fear

Let us travel back to the Kingdom of Junior Volunteers (KJV): here we find Volunta , a dutiful non-compensation worker. She has been implementing everything that she has been instructed to do, by this blog: Volunta created a career goal, found a volunteer position that helped her bridge...

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MSU Welcomes New KDP Members

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