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Teacher Literacy Fund

teacher prior to my current role. Below are...goodie bag with a new book to enjoy at form new friendships and mentoring...“specials” teachers) hosted a pajama-themed...Pi has developed the Teacher Literacy

New Teacher Advocate (NTA)

The New Teacher Advocate is a partner...and inspires new and student teachers. members

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Mentoring older and tenured teachers

Mentoring older and tenured teachers...learning new information create strain on the...techniques, and experiences, will help the new...a new perspective on teaching...tenured teachers is as a resource and friend

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Message to a New Teacher (from The 21st Century Mentor's Handbook)

mentee: You are a teacher. Now, remember...learn hard, new things every day, and you...will be a good teacher. Patience, a smile...questions if you are unclear about something

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Teacher Assessments Expanding in New York

The New York Times called, " grading system will have teachers...teachers in New York to be the same? This...touched upon a new controversial topics in the

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Happy World Teachers' Day!

World Teachers' Day , also known as... International Teachers Day , is held annually on...mobilize support for teachers and to ensure...continue to be met by teachers. " Teaching in

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State Teachers of the Year Offer Advice on Supporting New Teachers

about the most vital supports new teachers...can get. New teachers continually draw...over many new teachers. So what can help

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Parents and Teachers - Forming Partnerships

Include questions like: What is your child’s...also like to include this question – This question gives insight into...parents, student, and teacher as the three

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Preparing for new tests

new expectation. As other teachers begin...teacher in Idaho, focused on geography for 6th...and hold us accountable as teachers. In...important to start small. One of our teacher