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Writing Lesson Plans - Slow and Thoughtful Wins the Race

writing lesson plans.... maybe even come up...why I write lesson plans and how I go...planning my instruction. My lesson plans are an

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Lessons Learned

Whether you are finishing your first year teaching, or you have been a teacher for many years, what advice do you have? My advice: Share your passion with your students. I am passionate about nature – seeing, smelling, touching, and listening to the world around me is fascinating. I...

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Do a Little or Do a Lot! Free K-12 Lessons on Global Sustainability Issues

dozens of individual lesson plans for all...lesson plan PDF that engages students through...lessons and 2-week units from our educational...?" Consider doing a joint lesson simultaneously (a

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Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

Lesson Planning and Using Curriculum

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Handling Misbehaviors Beyond the Behavior Plan

focused on planning effective lessons...follow the classroom management are losing planning time that could be

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Four lessons from a veteran educator

These four lessons have been simple yet...educators. I often returned to these lessons

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Establishing a classroom & school-wide discipline plan

school-wide discipline plan to create a

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? This is my guiding question as I plan for...lessons, ask questions of students throughout...lessons, and determine next moves in my

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The Power of Reflection

my lesson plans? Do I enjoy delivering...should always think deeply about lesson plans...make my lessons more interesting? Are there...the lessons? How do I interact with

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Yelling and Dendrites

Functional Assessment of Behavior plan for my...students so they will create a plan within...'plan' that should develop from observing...over and over: Planning. If students are

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