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Great resource for elementary parents in simple language with examples I clicked kindergarten and ELA. I found each of our report card standards (CCSS) listed in a broke down fashion, some with examples. This would be an excellent visual for a parent/teacher conference.

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Walking in the Shoes of the English Language Learners

Language Learners (ELL) Students English...Language Learners are the fastest growing...reasons for English Language Learners being...walk in the shoes of your English a language they do not understand

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Foreign Languages

The Record

original research in language thatis accessible

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Core Values of Diversity Equity and Justice

see more shifts in jargon and language...theoretical framework or meeting suitable language

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Do a Little or Do a Lot! Free K-12 Lessons on Global Sustainability Issues

humanities, science and language arts). Tie...: Engaging Students in Language, Literacy and...intermediate-level English language learners and...language learning, writing, speaking, reading

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Teacher Assessments Expanding in New York

assessments to Art, Gym and Foreign Languages, Art, Gym and Foreign Language classes...the typical Math/Language Arts classes

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The Framework for Creating Routines and Procedures

teacher language: My hope is thatevery...A sample student language: What do

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Writing Instruction and the Common Core Webinar

language conventions. Ultimately, students

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Georgia - First Grade Common Core Units

example last year's units for Reading/Language