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The Doctoral Pipeline for African Americans in the United States: A response to Dr. Boyce Watkins

By Richard Montgomery A recent survey of African Americans who attended predominately-White colleges reported that nearly 50% of these students had never had an African American professor. For those who attended a Historically Black College or University, the number of students in this category...

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STEM resources aerospace-education-and-industr y-partnership/

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Resources newsletter

This quarterly resources newsletter...research-related resources. Within it, you will

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Finding Free Resources

decided to begin posting free resources for...suggestions do you have for resources? What do you...idea? WHat other free resources do you use?


association of professionals from career centers...resources, advice on topics like resumes

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Archived Webinars for Graduate Students

any of the free resources that , and go to the Resources menu...Drop down and click on the Resources...entering a doctoral program, preparing for; this webinar is for you. Deborah and

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Common Core Standards

Career Center- resources, templates, and...Finding webinars and resources for...Various resources found include: KDP - Most...used member resources • Teaching

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Other resources for webinars on APPS for the classroom I was interested in the webinars for the classroom, not for the management side, but for the student side. I found one: Improve Writing Skills Using Digital Writing and Google Docs With our A-F report cards recently coming in at a...


activeundergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree-seeking

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Transitioning from Corporate to Teaching

applications of career changers and any...maturity, generally, career changers have...In addition, career changers have a built...resources, and networking opportunities...going to The National Center for Alternative

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